Skin that gave me a shock…

A couple of weeks ago I travelled back to London and whilst in departures at Oslo airport I came across a brand I had not tried before. The brand is Swiss and called La Prairie. 

I thought I’d see how well this brand lasts against the journey. I started with the “skin caviar absolute filler”. This products states that will plump and enhance ageing skin much like filler but without the need for the needles. 


This product did feel lovely on my skin but I wouldn’t be able to comment if it was like filler as I’ve never tried filler or actually at the age to benefit from it. My skin felt nourished but at nearly £400 for a small tub I think I’ll stick to my usual moisturiser.

Secondly I opted for their “skin caviar concealer and foundation” I chose this product as I was impressed with the 2 in 1 factor. As you can see in the photo the foundation was in the bottom part of the product and the concealer was on top with a handy little mirror. The product states it has advanced pigment technology and this did come across when I applied the foundation. I normally have to mix two colours as I have pink and yellow tones through my skin, but this matched to my skin perfectly. 

Whilst writing this I was researching the product and I wish I had done my research sooner as I thought the “caviar” was just a fancy name for their products but it turns out there is an extract of caviar which is as minimal at 1% but still very against my views as a vegetarian so yeah, I won’t be using this product again 🤢 and feel guilty for doing so. I guess it’s a lesson to always research before you try. And I won’t make the same mistake again! It has also opened my eyes up to how many unnecessary ingredients are in products that could very easily be cruelty free! This has been a lesson and I will be much more conscious to only buy cruelty free and vegan products from now on.    

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Skin to take away the Journey…


I had a late night flight from Stockholm back to Oslo a few weeks ago and didn’t get round to posting this. After a long day exploring I just wanted to take my face off and give it a good nutritional moisturise.

Processed with VSCO with av4 preset

Processed with VSCO with av4 preset

I went to the airport bare faced and wandered around the cosmetics aisles for a while deciding which product to try out and in the end I went for Origins Plantscription.. it describes its self as an anti ageing treatment lotion.


This is me after putting it on…. yes I look a greasy mess buuuuut when I arrived back to my apartment in Oslo after the drying flight and coach journey hours later, my skin felt amazing and so hydrated. It didn’t take too long to sink in but I would recommend to use this in the evening before bed rather than a morning lotion. And yes I may have also bumped into a new Chanel lipstick that I just absolutely had to try 🙈 

I love origins products because they leave out the bad stuff which I am totally for. I prefer my skincare to be natural and free from nasty chemicals. I feel this comes across in your skin too as it looks and feels more nourished as the chemicals in some products can really strip your skin and leave it dull. 

I recommend this product to give your skin a good moisturise. let me now if you have any products you would like to test against the journey…

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Lips that last the journey…

Lucy G Lip Balms 

My absolute go to balm! I use this balm every day and my lips always feel so nourished.. I find with other balms that after a while they can actually make my lips feel a bit sore or they leave a residue on my lips… not ideal.

But not this wonder balm… so with it being my favourite I thought I would test it against the travel… last weekend I flew back home to London. it was short but fab, catching up with friends. Seeing my family puppy and my uncle was also over visiting from Dubai. Anyway enough about me. Back to the balm! 


I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Lucy on “A Disovery of Witches” last year. Which is where I was first introduced to her balms… Lucy has a range of tinted and non tinted balms, the matte balm soon became a staple in my kit as I was looking after the lovely Edward Bluemel and needed a nice nourishing balm for him that didn’t shine on camera. 

Lucy’s balms were also used throughout the make up team on our other actors and worldwide. Evangeline Lilly’s make up artist Hil Cook is a fan, as is Gillian Anderson, who also has one named after her. (The Gillian). So I already knew that they would most probably last the journey and they definitely did. I had a 2 hour flight back to the U.K. and then on the tube from Heathrow and even after all the drying effects of the flight and glorious pollution of the underground my lips were still looking fresh and feeling nicely moisturised… winning!! 

So basically…. these are amazing! Go get one 😝 available online in pro store Tilt Makeup 

Here’s a picture of me after my travels wearing “The Kate” oh and also…. CRUELTY FREE 🙌🏽


Please leave a comment below with any products you’d like me to test against the travel.


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Skin that doesn’t just last the journey…

This weekend I travelled to Tromsø in Northern Norway in hope to see the Northern Lights…. and I succeeded…. they weren’t as bright as I was hoping and my photos definitely aren’t anything to write home about but what can you do 🤷🏽‍♀️

Anyway…. I had a Friday evening flight which lasted 2 hours and then a 40 minute bus ride to my accommodation. I was feeling very tired after a long, busy week filming and wanted something to liven up my skin. 

Clarins was standing out to me today so I thought I’d give a couple of their new products a go! 


As a primer I opted for the Clarins SOS Primer which stated it minimises signs of fatigue. This was a pinky toned primer and gave my skin a nice English rose glow.

For a foundation I used Clarins Skin Illusion Natural Hydrating Foundation. My skin felt like velvet after I’d applied it which is always a bonus and it had a nice coverage which wasn’t too heavy.

Post flight, bus and unplanned walk through the rain, I checked out how well the products had lasted and the foundation was still looking great and giving me a lovely glow which is exactly what I needed after my long week… I then went for a little explore of Tromsø at night and when I arrived home a while later my skin still looked great! 

I definitely recommend these Clarins products if you’re in need of a skin awakening and want a product that keeps you looking fresh throughout your travels 🌟

Below is a photo I took before removing the foundation.


This picture has made me realise I should probably start adding under eye concealers to the blog review 😂 

Please comment below if you have any products you would like me to test against travel…

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Skin that went beyond the journey…

So this weekend I travelled to Stockholm….. what a great city! 

I arrived at the airport early in the morning and was hoping for a product that would stand up to the travelling and a long day exploring…

Quite a few Make up Artists I work with are fans of Dior Star foundation. So I decided to try it today and test it out for myself.. and my decision was a good one! 

Processed with VSCO with au5 preset

Processed with VSCO with au5 preset

I applied the foundation at 08:00 in the morning and my face still looked as fresh arriving in Stockholm as it did leaving Oslo. I then got the coach into the city and dropped my bag off at my accommodation. I spent the whole day walking and exploring the gorgeous sights and museums of Stockholm. I arrived back at my accommodation at 19:30 and my face had lasted so well, foundation normally slips away from my chin area but the coverage was still fully intact here which really impressed me… even more impressive was that it was a warm, sunny day and my skin can get quite oily. 

Under my foundation I went for one of their new age defying serums. The one I chose was Capture Youth Plump Flller. I’m not too sure how much it really plumped my skin but it was definitely a lovely base under my foundation and sunk into my skin quickly 👌🏽

Processed with VSCO with au5 preset

Processed with VSCO with au5 preset

I highly recommend Dior Star. It was a more matte product than I would usually use for myself so its perfect if you prefer a matte finish, but it also wasn’t dull on my skin or drying.

Below is a photo of me after my long day of travelling and exploring, with face fully intact. I’m wearing a Lucy G Lip Balm on my lips, but more about this wonder product another day…


Comment below with any products you’d like me to test against travel : )

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