Skin that gave me a shock…

A couple of weeks ago I travelled back to London and whilst in departures at Oslo airport I came across a brand I had not tried before. The brand is Swiss and called La Prairie. 

I thought I’d see how well this brand lasts against the journey. I started with the “skin caviar absolute filler”. This products states that will plump and enhance ageing skin much like filler but without the need for the needles. 


This product did feel lovely on my skin but I wouldn’t be able to comment if it was like filler as I’ve never tried filler or actually at the age to benefit from it. My skin felt nourished but at nearly £400 for a small tub I think I’ll stick to my usual moisturiser.

Secondly I opted for their “skin caviar concealer and foundation” I chose this product as I was impressed with the 2 in 1 factor. As you can see in the photo the foundation was in the bottom part of the product and the concealer was on top with a handy little mirror. The product states it has advanced pigment technology and this did come across when I applied the foundation. I normally have to mix two colours as I have pink and yellow tones through my skin, but this matched to my skin perfectly. 

Whilst writing this I was researching the product and I wish I had done my research sooner as I thought the “caviar” was just a fancy name for their products but it turns out there is an extract of caviar which is as minimal at 1% but still very against my views as a vegetarian so yeah, I won’t be using this product again 🤢 and feel guilty for doing so. I guess it’s a lesson to always research before you try. And I won’t make the same mistake again! It has also opened my eyes up to how many unnecessary ingredients are in products that could very easily be cruelty free! This has been a lesson and I will be much more conscious to only buy cruelty free and vegan products from now on.    

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