Lips that last the journey…

Lucy G Lip Balms 

My absolute go to balm! I use this balm every day and my lips always feel so nourished.. I find with other balms that after a while they can actually make my lips feel a bit sore or they leave a residue on my lips… not ideal.

But not this wonder balm… so with it being my favourite I thought I would test it against the travel… last weekend I flew back home to London. it was short but fab, catching up with friends. Seeing my family puppy and my uncle was also over visiting from Dubai. Anyway enough about me. Back to the balm! 


I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Lucy on “A Disovery of Witches” last year. Which is where I was first introduced to her balms… Lucy has a range of tinted and non tinted balms, the matte balm soon became a staple in my kit as I was looking after the lovely Edward Bluemel and needed a nice nourishing balm for him that didn’t shine on camera. 

Lucy’s balms were also used throughout the make up team on our other actors and worldwide. Evangeline Lilly’s make up artist Hil Cook is a fan, as is Gillian Anderson, who also has one named after her. (The Gillian). So I already knew that they would most probably last the journey and they definitely did. I had a 2 hour flight back to the U.K. and then on the tube from Heathrow and even after all the drying effects of the flight and glorious pollution of the underground my lips were still looking fresh and feeling nicely moisturised… winning!! 

So basically…. these are amazing! Go get one 😝 available online in pro store Tilt Makeup 

Here’s a picture of me after my travels wearing “The Kate” oh and also…. CRUELTY FREE 🙌🏽


Please leave a comment below with any products you’d like me to test against the travel.


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