Skin that doesn’t just last the journey…

I travelled home last weekend and spent my time wisely once again in departures, this time  I decided to review a couple of La Mer products and see how they stood up to the effects of travel on my 2 hour flight from London back to Oslo and my hour coach journey from Oslo airport to my apartment. The actors I’m currently working with are big fans of La Mer so I thought I’d see what all the hype is about.


To prep my skin I started with “The Renewal Oil”. It didn’t sink straight into my skin and left a residue for a small amount of time but it did provide a really lovely smooth base for the foundation to be applied onto. The foundation I used is called “The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation” 

The foundation blended into my skin really nicely and gave a good coverage. It also felt smooth and hydrating which I love. I’m a fan of glowing skin rather than matte and this product worked perfectly for that. 


This is me after an hour sat on the runway, my flight and coach home… aka quite a lot of dry air abuse.

Personally I think I’m still looking rather fresh and I am very impressed with how the products held up. I now share the love of La Mer with my fellow colleagues but it would be more of a treat purchase rather than my go too as the price tag is rather hefty. 

Hope you enjoyed my review on these La Mer products. Please comment below if you have any products you’d like me to test against the stresses of travel 💄 

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