Skin that didn’t quite last the journey….

Back at the airport which means more cosmetics to review 🙌🏽

I went with a Scandinavian theme today. I chose Tromborg to prep my skin.. I have been using their lip cure on set and it’s so hydrating but also matte which is perfect for on camera to provide a hydrated and non shiny lip.

I started with a spritz of their “facial mist lavender water” followed by their “anti-ageing molecular messenger cream”. I love spritzing my face with natural rose water so thought I’d have a go with Tromborg’s lavender water.. it was nice but nothing to write home about. The cream went on really nicely and felt very luxurious… although that could be psychological as it costs nearly £300!! 😬

For a foundation I used “Nilens Jord Second Skin Serum Foundation”. It went on smoothly and was very easy to blend and was a good colour match but when I landed and checked my face in the mirror I wasn’t all that impressed with how the foundation had held up to the 2 hour flight from Oslo to London. The foundation had disappeared from my chin are which is where my skin is quite hormonal and where I like to have coverage. Also I feel the air con on the flight dried the product out. I started the journey glowing and ended it looking rather matte.

I was feeling pretty sleepy this morning as I had to be up early for my flight so I tried a bit of “Nilens Jord Creamy Touch Blush” to brighten up my face. I don’t often wear blush but I was quite a fan of this as it was more like a highlighter and had a lovely shimmer to it. This product did last the journey and I still had a nice healthy colour to my cheeks when I landed.

Overall I think if you have the money to spare for Tromborgs products then they are lovely but they wouldn’t be my first choice. I would definitely recommend “Nilens Jord Creamy Touch Blush” but I wasn’t the biggest fan of their foundation.

Tromborg is organic and cruelty free and Nilens Jord is cruelty free and both have a selection of vegan products 🌱

Hope you enjoyed the post, if you want me to try any products and see how they last the journey then please comment under my blog 🙃

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