Let’s talk about Lush baby…

I thought I’d share with you my obsession with the cosmetics brand LUSH.

There are so many positives about this brand that I don’t know where to start… it would be easier to list the negatives.. oh wait, there are none!

I’ll start with the fab way that they are helping to protect the environment. And how easy they make it for us too also.

Firstly 35% of their products are naked (no packaging) this fills me with joy because the way single use plastic effects the oceans and sea life is absolutely heartbreaking 💔

This is one of the reasons I love their shampoo/conditioner bars, soap and many other products they sell. I felt so smug the first time I walked away with my shampoo, conditioner, soap and foot scrub packaged in one 100% recycled paper bag and my two reusable tins. Tip – cut your products down to smaller sizes so you can fit more than one in each tin. And save packaging this way also.

Secondly, many of their products are packaged in black pots… save them up and each time you bring back 5 you receive a free face mask… #winning (who doesn’t love a freebie).

Thirdly they are partnering with the Ocean Legacy Foundation to put to use recovered plastic from the ocean and use it as a material in their bottles and pots. 💙

Lastly LUSH are 100% vegetarian and all the products I use are vegan 🌱 LUSH also buy ethically and local where possible and they fight animal testing… what’s not to lush!

If you’re interested in some of my current favourite @lushcosmetics products then here they are….

#trichomaniashampoobar – ultra hydrating which is perfect for curly hair.

#jungleconditionerbar which does exactly what it says on its label and softens and tames wild hair. I have curly, frizz prone hair and I’ve seen a real decline in frizz since using natural products.

#maypolesoap – smells delicious! Peppermint smelling soap that leaves me stepping out of the shower fresh af.

#cupocoffeefaceandbodymask – I use this once/twice a week and my skin feels so soft after…. also there’s something kinda refreshing about your face smelling like an espresso.. feels like it really wakes my skin up so it’s also my go to after a night out ☕️

#pumicepower – orange smelling foot scrub that keeps your feet flawless.

#darkangelscleanser – I’ve been blessed with hormonal adult acne on my chin area and this product is my new best friend as I feel it really cleanses away any grime from the day and clears my skin up a treat 🙌🏽


And as I mentioned before all @lush products that I personally use are cruelty free and vegan 🌱

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